Visual Learning:



8th Visual Learning Conference
26-28 April, 2018, Budapest, Hungary


Registration for the conference is now closed.

Looking back on the past few months: The deadline for submissions was the 15th of August, 2017. We have received a stunning number of submissions. The double-blind peer-review process was strictly observed. The acceptance rate eventually turned out to be near to 4:1. — Please write to us if you feel you have missed something — or feel we have missed something…

We seem to be heading for a really momentous conference, with talks that make a difference, adding up to a recognizable scholarly step forward, indeed a breakthrough. Subsequent to the conference we plan to publish a high-quality collection of selected and edited papers – an elegant volume (series title: Perspectives on Visual Learning. Preliminary final 🙂 title/subtitle for volume 1: Vision Fulfilled: The Victory of the Pictorial Turn). All points of view, including historical, philosophical, sociological, etc. are welcome. The conference language – the language of all submissions, talks, and ensuing publications – is English.

Please contact  Prof. Dr. András Benedek and Kristóf Nyíri if you have questions at this stage.

The Honorary Advisory Board of the 2018 conference

Wolfgang Coy (Berlin), Valeria Csépe (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Claire Golomb (Boston), György Hunyady (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), John Jost (New York), András Kertész (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), András Patkós (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Csaba Pléh (Hungarian Academy of Sciences / CEU), Barry Smith (Buffalo, NY), Michael Tomasello (Leipzig). Colleagues of great renown, whose work very much orients the scholarly expectations inspiring this conference.